3 Reasons to Consider a Clovis Cosmetic Dentist  


Did you know that 40 percent of adults are too ashamed in their mouths to smile? Not only can this impact your self-esteem, but smile insecurity can also make you more reluctant to attend social events you once loved.   


Even laughing with your friends can feel bittersweet as you struggle to hide your smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists provide numerous services to transform your smile in safe and effective ways.   


Keep reading to learn three ways a Clovis cosmetic dentist can help you today!   


1. Your Teeth Are Stained  


Stained teeth can change color over time due to genetics, age, smoking, dental hygiene habits, and more. If you’ve ever tried whitening toothpaste or whitening kits, you know that the results are mixed. 


To achieve the desired results, cosmetic dentists use a more potent form of bleaching agent and light during in-office teeth whitening. But, more importantly, they’re able to do this safely and comfortably so that your tooth sensitivity isn’t extreme. 


2. Your Teeth Are Cracked  


People who have gaps in their teeth or cracks may feel as if their situation is hopeless. However, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic bonding or veneers if you have small gaps or cracks and no other issues with your teeth.   


Your cosmetic dentist in Clovis will be able to match the color of your teeth so that after the procedure, your smile looks completely natural.   


3. Your Teeth Are Crooked  


People with crooked teeth can also benefit from cosmetic dentistry. For example, if the crookedness is not severe, you may be able to get porcelain veneers and skip orthodontia entirely.  


However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Invisalign clear aligners are an option if you want to straighten your teeth over time and improve your bite. Clear aligners are a far more subtle option and are typically quicker to produce results than braces.   


Find a Quality Clovis Cosmetic Dentist Today  


Whether you’re suffering from self-confidence issues due to stained, chipped, or cracked teeth, a reputable Clovis cosmetic dentist can help. They’ll help you discover the best treatments depending on your oral health history and your expectations for results.   


Your cosmetic dentist will also ask plenty of questions to get an idea of the kind of smile you desire as well as the procedures you’re most comfortable with. But, more importantly, they’ll give you all the knowledge you need to be fully prepared for each procedure as well as the recovery.   


Ready to schedule your first appointment to achieve the smile of your dreams? Contact us today to get started!