Testimonials About Our Clovis Dentists

We value our patients’ opinion. See what our patients are saying about our office. We’re sure you’ll come to the conclusion that Dr. Jeff Hibbard and Dr. Chris Lopez are the best dental providers for you and your family.

I love this dental office. The staff get to know you by name. They are always friendly and helpful. I usually know what my insurance pays and what my responsibility is prior to having any procedure done. Sherry is the best hygienists around. The decor is western theme and it's interesting to see all the crazy tools around. Dr Chris is new to the staff and he is just as great as Dr. Hibbard. They always make you feel comfy and are great resources for dental care. I highly recommend this office. I've never had any problems here, no long waits, and I always get to leave with a flower!!!

- Frances G.

I love Dr Hibbard's office. A co-worker referred me and I'm glad he did. My Denist is Chris and he is good at what he does. I also seen Dr Hibbard as well. Both Denist are nice and caring, the whole staff are. They truly exemplify excellent customer service. I wish other businesses were set up how Dr Hibbard's whole staff are when dishing out customer service. They are just awesome and I can't say enough about this office. Ten thumbs up for me

- April C.

This place is amazing. The have a very friendly staff that provides affordable dental work. Every time I go it's the most reassuring feeling knowing they will handle my teeth, they know what they are doing and do so with the best attitude and care. Definitely recommend both dentists Dr Hibbard and Dr Lopez. Oh and they are open till late one day a week perfect for after work appointments and Saturday's!

- Niccole M.

Amazing staff and fantastic Dentists! They are all so friendly and flexible. Had 5 cavities and a crown done after coming to them for a second opinion, all of that was hardly any money out of pocket. I had to come back a few times due to my own schedule and they made it work! They were able to fit me in for everything working around my schedule. Dr. Hibbard and Dr. Lopez, thank you!

- Ashley M.

Dr. Hibbard and his staff are absolutely incredible. He is phenomenal at what he does and his entire staff is very talented and friendly. They also have a very personal touch to their practice and once you go there you will likely be a lifelong patient with them. I also feel they're very flexible in their schedule and always work to accommodate you. By far the best in the Central Valley. I've been happy with my experience and I Very strongly recommend them to anybody.

- Emaad F.

Nice office with an extremely great staff, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Didn't wait very long and Jeff is an AWESOME guy who did great work on my wifes tooth. She is extremely happy and free of pain. By far one of the best Dentist I have ever encountered. I highly recommend going here for the best if that is what you want, Jeff Hibbard is that person. Thank you guys for the great service!

- Raymond R.

I absolutely love the staff here, and Dr Hibbard is great! He addressed issues I had brought up with previous dentists and now those issues are no more! Gone are the days of telling my dentist what the issue is and him telling me what is wrong. He does great work! My husband and I go here and love it!

- Vanna G.

I was eating a bag of popcorn and bam, my upper molar cracked and a big chunk came out, it hurt, was sensitive to hot cold and throbbed. I called the office and made an appt to get a crown. MY appointment came and I was terrified I have had bad experiences with other dentists before. Im a whimp when it comes to pain. They numbed me up with a q-tip gave a single shot and started grinding. I was very apprehensive but through the whole procedure not a bit of pain or discomfort. They used a hi tech laser to make a 3d image of my tooth and gum and a computer filled in the missing piece like a jigsaw puzzle, then a special machine actually made me a new tooth from a block of ceramic and then he glued it in place, all with NO PAIN. The whole process took less than 90 mins start to finish and the color match is so good no one even noticed even when told and look closely.

Thank you Dr Hibbard. You have made a believer out of me for no pain dentistry.

I cant thank you enough. I will be getting regular checkups now... :)

- George B.

Dr. Hibbard is a nice guy and does great work. He doesn't nit pick or try to lecture you like a lot of dentists tend to do. The office staff, especially Debbie is very nice and helpful. The Dental Hygienist, April, is always very gentle, professional and also doesn't try to lecture but instead gives helpful advice. This office is also extremely good at getting you in right at the time of your appointment and even a few minutes early sometimes.

- David V.

I've been going to this office my entire life... It has now been over 30 years since my first visit. The equipment and capabilities of the office have gone high tech, but the warming, old west decor charm and emanate days of saloons, round-ups and rodeos. Dr. Hibbard is also the only dentist in town who still accepts wampum!

- Mike H.

We at Vivio Sites have loved working with your clinic to set up your new website. Your entire staff was friendly and supportive, and your committment to providing your patients with the best information and resources is evident.

- Sanjay Shah, Vivio Sites Inc.